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Bagua: If you would like to map your home with personal feng shui, here’s our life theme map to guide you.

Books we love: The knowledge, wisdom and inspiration found in books is a great gift. See our favorite editions that have shaped our business.

Container organizing system: If you’re looking for a simple way to organize, this is it. Download our Container System and you’ll taste the freedom of a clutterless space.

Name numerology: Gaining insight into personal strengths and challenges can shed light on any relationship, whether with yourself or another. Learn how name numerology works and try it out with your best friend.

Numeral descriptions: Once you’ve figured out how to dissect a name for numerological information, you’re going to need some support interpreting the information, our number descriptions are clear and graceful.

Personal intention ritual: The power of personal intention is behind everything we do at Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors. Learn how to bring positive intention into your life through this simple, activating ritual process.