3 simple steps:

Depending on your project, we employ a variety of services to create the ideal solution. We follow a time-honored process that identifies your wish list while also bringing new ideas and experience to the table.

1. Assess. First we walk through your space to see how you live or work, what you love and what simply needs to change. Using our personal style and/or brand intake process we create an intentional design plan that marries you to your space again.

2. Inspire. We learn what inspires you! From what you already have and love to ideas found in books, magazines, online and in your community. We pull the puzzle pieces together to create a holistic plan that includes every part of your space.

3. Realize. With a clear road map to follow, your transformation comes to life. Our job is to handle the details: from the big picture of working with architects and floor plans to each essential decision, including light, color, flooring, fixtures, furniture, accents and art. Ultimately, every choice makes a difference.

our service list includes:

Personal Intake: What makes you tick, what do you love, what do you need, what do you want to get out of our work together? Our intake gives us a jump-start into you and your project so we hit the ground running once we enter your space.

Brand Intake: Every company has a brand and every brand has a personality, values, and mission. Your work spaces should support your brand, and we’ll make sure that we give as much thought to what your space does as to what it stands for and how it can help you fulfill your company vision.

Scope of Work: We’ll clarify the physical changes you desire and the budget allocated for your project, beginning with clear communication and expectations for our work together.

Style Intake: We get a full picture of what lights you up – to determine your own personal style and business brand. This ignites the creative process and guides all design recommendations.

Budget Proposal: Once we understand your needs, we outline the work to be performed and give you a full financial estimate for each home, room, office or workspace.

Design Plan: This is a visual presentation and road map for all design choices. It includes hand drawn renderings, as well as style and product images to communicate the direction. This is a helpful tool for larger projects to clarify the design direction before moving on to detailed dimensioned floor plans and material selection.

Measuring, Floor Plans, CAD Drawings: Depending on the size and style of your project, we render hand or digital drawings to use for permitting and new construction communication; they can also be used for 3-D spatial views and furniture layout.

Material Boards: These boards show color and material samples we’ve pulled together for your project, sharing the tactile, visual story we have created for your space (one board per room).

Color Consultation: Using paint color samples, we help you choose the right color for your space. In the true light of your home or office, with your style or brand intake as a guide, this process is efficient and fun.

Lighting Consultation: Good lighting enhances any space and it’s key for functionality and mood setting. Whether you are starting with too much light or not enough, or what you have is out-dated and hogging energy, we create a plan that’s energy-conscious, flexible for all your uses, and looks great.

Furniture Guidance: There are so many choices. It’s our job to clarify your needs and make shopping easy. We’ll take into account: how to re-work furniture you already have; how you will use it; the right size for the space and design; what style will look best; fabric type, color, print and knap; wood grain style, stain and sheen; how firm or soft. We love to use our green furniture resources whenever possible.

Furniture Drawings: If we can’t find what you need from the marketplace we can have furniture custom-built. We’ll use drawings to communicate to you and the builder the style, size and functionality.

Material Guidance and Purchasing: For commercial projects, tenant improvements or remodels, we help you choose flooring, tile, counters, cabinets, fixtures and hardware. The material-world is our oyster and we love to find the beautiful, sustainable, economical pearls that fit your project perfectly. We can pull and purchase materials from our many resources with ease and efficiency, providing you only the top choices for your home or office.

Color, Pattern and Textural Accents: Just as you see in nature, the interaction between colors, patterns and textures makes every space come alive. We choose these elements to interact in your space, giving it vitality and interest.

Natural Elements: It’s a must to bring nature’s energy into your space for the purpose of your well being. Natural elements inside your four walls provide a sense of peace, connection and movement. We will make recommendations as part of your scope of work and design direction that work seamlessly with your entire space.

Personal Artwork: Art and personal objects in your space act as powerful subliminal messaging, inspiring you and reminding you of what is meaningful in your life and with your brand. To finish your space with impact, we’ll recommend where to place art you already have and suggest new artwork and suppliers that can help reinforce the personal and business intentions you have for your space.

Shopping Guidance: If you prefer to do your own shopping and refurbish existing pieces, but would like help getting started, we can recommend where to look, in stores and online. Simply email us photos and/or links of the items you’re interested in and we can advise you on your finds before purchasing, or we can shop together, whichever works best for you.

Installation and Fine-Tuning of Your Purchases: Once we have procured the items we discussed for your design, we can work with you to place them, integrating them purposefully and beautifully with what you already have.