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feel motivated and alive at work

Bringing nature and its vitality into your workspace can change how you create, connect and feel. It can bring enjoyment, motivation, and the ability to think more clearly about the task at hand.

Why do work spaces matter?
Research shows that “man-made environments with too much artificial stimulation may cause exhaustion and produce a loss of vitality and health.” It also shows that we “humans need nature for our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.” Source: Oxford Journals, Health Promotion International, Volume 21, 2006

Ultimately, happy healthy employees make a happy healthy business. Your workspaces are in fact part of your bottom line.


the whole office makeover

The WHOLE Office Makeover will create a workspace your employees love. It’s all about retaining and attracting your best team, because when they’re satisfied, creative and productive, they perform and everybody benefits. And for your customers/clients, the upside is equally valuable. Your space has the power to not only embody your brand, but also to create trust and confidence in the people who are most valuable to your business.

From architects and floor plans to lighting, plumbing and sound insulation, to color, flooring, fixtures, furniture, and art – every decision makes a difference.

We’ll fully assess your needs with our brand and style intake, then help you realize your vision with a design that fits your brand, motivates your employees and impresses your clients. See our 3-step process.

one office makeover

The ONE Office Makeover will re-work your individual workspace to achieve inspiration, focus and motivation. How do we do this? We look at your workflow systems and clear the clutter that impairs your productivity and image. Then we bring appropriate personal flair into your space and finish it off with the vitality of nature and a conscious connection to your work goals. When our clients experience this first hand, they frequently tell us that they wish they’d done it sooner.

Choose to honor yourself and the work you do. Feel organized, connected to yourself and your work.