our mission

Our mission is simple: to inspire your senses and open your heart; to empower you through your physical spaces, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of who you are, individually and as a community, together igniting your vision for your life!

our love for designs that matter

Experiencing great design is like enjoying the most delicious cake you’ve ever tasted. All the layers come together with a rich unfolding of individual flavors as your mouth enjoys each bite. Your space should feel the same way. The room’s architecture meets your style and your functional needs, meshing fluidly with color, texture and movement. The combination of bold and subtle nuances all dance to excite your eye.

Great design alone is fabulous and interesting, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The icing on your cake is when we mix nature’s inspiration with your spirit and your personal and professional intentions for life to create a space that is truly powerful. I call this Intentional Interior Design, where the ancient art of feng shui and our need for green thinking meets beautiful, savvy interior design. It looks and feels perfect every time.

As the founder, I’ve been an interior designer for more than 16 years, working with a wide range of residential and commercial clients. I fell in love with feng shui design as a way to make sense of my life. Today it is my great pleasure, which only grows each time I see the pure joy and delight of my clients living and working in their space and succeeding in their lives. This is why spaces matter!

our team

Piper Lauri Salogga, Founder and Principal

A woman in love with beauty, nature and the human spirit, I am into all things sensual, all experiences that can be enjoyed by your conscious living and light up your life in a mindful way.

Speaking, teaching and writing about sensual conscious living is what comes passionately, creating spaces that matter, that make a difference in your life, this is what I naturally do well.

I Believe that living a life of joy and connection to your self, others, spirit and nature is the magic that makes life flow with ease.
Raised in a family of architects, landscape architects, artists and designers, I have forever been connected to creativity and my interior and exterior surroundings. Like many, with co-dependency at the helm of life in my early years, I have spent the last twenty-eight of them developing my knowledge and skills in a variety of practices to create a clear and healthy sense of self, peacefully build my mind-body-spirit connection and strengthen my intuition.

My favorite tools over the years have become feng shui, numerology, the I Ching, tarot, vision boarding, meditation, yoga and walks in nature. Loving life on the creative precipice I also revel in adventure of all kinds from experimental music, dancing, art and cooking to traveling, snowboarding and driving fast and free.

I am certified in Forms Theory from the Dragoumier Institute, School of Feng Shui, a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and the US Green Building Council and currently serve on the speakers committee for the Women’s Business Exchange.

I attended Bennington College in Vermont and Southern Oregon University in Oregon, completing a B.A. in Visual Art and Communication in 1990, and received visual training from The Art Center, Pasadena, Calif., 1987.


Lara_Color_3Lara Procter, Design Partner

I am a lover of the creative arts, and enjoy sewing with a cup of coffee and some good tunes. I studied interior design at SPU and FIDM and bring an extensive lighting background to PLSI. Full of passion for beauty and sustainable practices, joining forces with Piper at PLSI and LSI has been a dream. I am a detail champion and I find joy in helping people organize their projects and their spaces. My ambition, as a part of this company, is to support my clients to feel inspired in their places, at home and at work.

I am a wife, daughter, auntie and a loyal friend and supporter of those who are close to me.  I love being active and exploring new destinations. I am always flowing with new and exciting ideas… accomplishing them all, that’s the puzzle.

BA, Interior Design, Seattle Pacific University – Seattle, WA
AA, Interior Design, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising – Los Angeles, CA

Megan_Color_3Megan Tyler, Social Media/Marketing

Fueled by a passion for art, I often let my creativity spill out in my everyday life in any way that it can. I find it hard not to when inspiration is all around us. People, places, food, music, words, a moment in time; these are just some of the things that inspire me and feed fuel to my fire. My creativity comes in many forms and it is my hope that I can contribute inspiration to the world that has so inspired me. I have found a home amongst the team at Piper Lauri Salogga Interiors and Living Sensual Institute where I am able to do what I love – creative marketing, utilizing social networks and generating visual tools for social media campaigns, newsletters, event promotions and website development. I look forward to the experiences yet to come and watching not only the company grow but myself along with it!

I am a daughter, a friend, a yogi and an artist. I love children, nurturing and teaching the wonders of life. I am dedicated to all that I set myself on, I’m just built that way.

BA, Communications, Interdisciplinary Visual Art, University of Washington – Seattle, WA